Safe and Sound: Lossless Protocol will Protect BSCStation Ecosystem

We are happy to announce that we have just signed an important collaboration agreement with BSCStation, a full-stack DeFi platform on the BSC, which is joining the ever-growing list of projects secured with the Lossless hack-mitigation protocol.

By choosing Lossless, the team behind BSCStation has demonstrated great efforts to protect the project’s infrastructure, secure their trading ecosystem, and enhance the project’s credibility. BSCStation will soon be equipped with 2-layer security infrastructure, ensuring its token community is safe from hack-related exploits.

In recognition that token security is one of the primary considerations of its community, BSCStation has chosen to substantially increase the safety measures within their ecosystem by wrapping their native BSCS token in Lossless hack-mitigation code. Lossless code will offer actionable prevention of fraudulent transactions, enabling concerned stakeholders to temporarily freeze transactions for 24 hours, locking the assets until a closer investigation is concluded, and the transaction can be processed or reverted.

As per our agreement, BSCStation also plans to integrate the Lossless code into its new staking pools and encourage its incubated projects to follow suit. Additionally, our partnership includes commitments to cross-promotion of each other’s projects through various social media channels, referral of promising projects to each other’s digital service, as well as targeted efforts to mutually reduce unnecessary crypto investing-related risks.

About BSC Station:

BSC Station (BSCS) aims to build a Full-Stack DeFi with NFT Auction on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC Station provides exclusive services including BSC Swap, IDO Launchpad, farming/staking, Liquidity mining, NFT Auction, and Marketplace.

BSCS operates on top of the Binance Smart Chain and is designed to offer maximum value to consumers and institutions. Binance Smart Chain has solved the problem of infrastructure in the context of BSCS’s product, and that BSCS represents the ideal use case to leverage the technologies offered by its platform.

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About Lossless

Lossless is the world’s first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. Our protocol halts counterfeit transactions through various methods of fraud identification and automatically reverses any stolen tokens back to the original owner.

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World’s first crypto hack mitigation tool for trusted and safe DeFi.

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World’s first crypto hack mitigation tool for trusted and safe DeFi.

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