Mutually-beneficial partnership:
Lossless protocol will secure the Duck DAO ecosystem

Another week, another vital partnership signed.

We’re thrilled to announce that today we have entered into a strategic partnership with Duck DAO, a community-driven digital asset incubator, which has made the responsible decision to enhance their ecosystem’s security measures by implementing the Lossless protocol. By taking steps to secure the project’s infrastructure, Duck DAO has demonstrated that it takes the project’s credibility and the safety of its community’s funds seriously, protecting them from rug pulls and hack-related exploits using our technology.

As part of our exclusive partnership, we will also utilise our synergies to the fullest by referring other promising projects to each other’s digital services and through cross-promotion on social media channels. Additionally, one representative from the Duck DAO will also be invited to join the Lossless Committee, our decision-making authority, thus deepening the mutual trust and accountability between our teams and communities.

About Duck DAO:

Duck DAO is a digital asset incubator that caters to early-stage crypto startups, providing them with the financial resources, expertise, and marketing services to ensure they can thrive and prosper in a competitive market.

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About Lossless

Lossless is the world’s first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. Our protocol halts counterfeit transactions through various methods of fraud identification and automatically reverses any stolen tokens back to the original owner.

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