Former United Nations Global Blockchain Expert Joins Lossless Advisory Board

The whole Lossless team is happy to announce that Massimo Buonomo has joined our advisory board. Mr. Buonomo is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable global voices in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and alternative Data. Mr. Buonomo brings a wealth of experience to Lossless, and the crypto industry in general. We are delighted to have someone of his stature on our advisory board.

A Wealth Of Experience

After working in the international markets for over 20 years as a senior equity banking analyst, Mr. Buonomo worked as a university professor in International Finance and Fintech. He has worked in several cities around the world, including Rio de Janeiro, Turin, and Wuhan. Mr. Buonomo is also a regular keynote speaker at several international conferences and webinars on topics such as blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, CBDCs, and Fintech.

Work With The UN

Mr. Buonono takes a lateral thinking approach to solving business problems, promoting simple decisions to help businesses and organizations solve problems. He covers every application of blockchain technology in business, governance, and education.

Lossless is truly delighted and humbled to be associated with an individual with such a wealth of experience as Mr. Massimo Buonomo.

Why Mr. Buonomo’s Contribution Will Be A Huge Plus For Lossless

  • Mr Buonomo will advise Lossless on strategy and products, and help to implement our fraud identification methods better and better detect fraudulent transactions
  • Lossless can leverage Mr Buonomo’s vast experience and connections in the blockchain industry, having worked with major companies and major cities around the world.
  • Mr Buonomo’s experience and connections will help enrich the Lossless Committee with international experts and professionals.
  • Mr Buonomo’s standing in the blockchain space makes him an excellent advocate for Lossless, and an advocate for crypto and DeFi.

Mr Buonomo’s foray into the crypto industry with Lossless is seen as a huge win, not only for Lossless but also for the crypto space as he brings years of experience with him into the space. Mr Buonomo’s experience will benefit the entire industry.

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