There can never be too much transparency, can there? Especially in crypto. Lossless is advocating fair conduct in crypto, it only makes sense that we ourselves follow the same standard we set for others.

Today, we want to identify the largest $LSS holder addresses and provide information on token vesting schedules and token unlock dates. Most of the information was previously disclosed but we thought it would be convenient to have the relevant data in one place.

The total supply of $LSS is 100,000,000 tokens, created by the Lossless deployer (tx hash) on May 26, 2021.

$LSS token contract address…

DeFi is an exciting space, always teeming with activity, new developments, opportunities, and challenges. Unfortunately, it’s also attractive to all sorts of shady characters trying to exploit its vulnerabilities to get their hands on some of the assets that are constantly changing hands.

One of the most recent such events was the attack on a cross-chain asset bridge and application smart chain Chainswap. Taking place on July 11, 2021, the hack left devastation in its wake, draining almost $8 million in assets and sending more than a dozen projects into a 99% plunge.

It was also the second hack to…

It’s always exciting to introduce new people to our team! This time we’re filling up a crucial role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and bringing in an insightful, curious personality to help us reach more users that otherwise might never hear of us, or take any interest in what we do.

So that’s taken care of as the new CMO of Lossless is already thinking of ways to use his ingenuity for strengthening brand awareness and expanding our community. Knowing Gytis, it shouldn’t take long before we hear some sweet buzz on our name.

Happy to have you on board!

Gytis journey to Lossless

A safer DeFi environment with wrapped tokens

As we launch the Lossless Controller on the Ethereum Mainnet, list the $LSS token on some of the major exchanges, and onboard the first project to implement the Lossless anti-hack tool on its token, we’re certainly getting closer to fulfilling all of the goals from our roadmap.

This completes the first of our huge milestones — the launch of the Lossless protocol for new tokens. After this, we proceed to our next major phase — launching wrapped tokens for any other participating projects. And here’s why this is so monumental:

All the risks of participating in the DeFi market

Virtually everyone in this industry has heard of devastating hacks…

June has been quite a high-paced month for our collective. If you read our Medium articles or follow us on Twitter or Telegram, you already know that the Lossless team has been quite busy. Building strong partnerships, onboarding new teammates, and listing LSS tokens on exchanges is just a surface of an iceberg that’s our progress made in the background.

There’s plenty of work done to put smiles on our faces. But, in case you don’t follow our progress as closely as we’d like you to, we’ve rounded up every significant deed into one article. …

Unicrypt is the industry leader in DeFi protocol for liquidity locking. It is the first provider of liquidity locking with smart contracts back in 2020! This service is offered on multiple chains, and provides flexible solutions to insure token liquidity!

Lossless chose Unicrypt for its disruptive technology, and its trusted farming protocol. These protocols will make farming of $LSS easier and provide more rewards to Liquidity providers

Liquidity Providers receive the basic 0.3% exchange fee provided by Uniswap, as well as receive $LSS rewards for providing $LSS-ETH LP tokens on the Lossless Farm! …

Today is a historic day for our team as we’re onboarding our first project to make use of the Lossless anti-hack tool on all of its network’s smart contracts by default! And so, let us introduce the planet-saving DeFi ecosystem, Brokoli Network!

We must admit, it’s hard to contain the excitement, as the significance of our partnership cannot be overstated enough. …

The whole Lossless team is happy to announce that Massimo Buonomo has joined our advisory board. Mr. Buonomo is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable global voices in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and alternative Data. Mr. Buonomo brings a wealth of experience to Lossless, and the crypto industry in general. We are delighted to have someone of his stature on our advisory board.

A Wealth Of Experience

A former United Nations (UN) Global Expert for over ten years in the field of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), AI, Alternative data, Internet of Things, and Fintech, he has…

In an attempt to reach our vision of becoming the trust symbol for DeFi and a widely adopted anti hack tool, we’ve taken steps from the first day to ensure we reach that vision. That’s why the whole private fundraise round consists of value-add investors that contribute to Lossless long-term success. LaunchX is a partner without an exception to this rule.

With the Lossless token standard developed, LaunchX will promote integration of the code to all future tokens launched on its Launchpad. The partnership will allow more projects to use the Lossless code in their protocol, to provide more value…

The decentralized finance market is a lucrative target for all sorts of shady characters that are looking to get a quick buck. Hence you’ll often hear about major losses by various blockchain companies caused by attacks such as:

  • flash loans,
  • exchange hacks,
  • wallet hacks,
  • token minting,
  • intentional rug-pulls,
  • evil contracts.

Attackers swarm the space like moths to the flame, drawn by the sheer amount of money passing hands, the existence of vulnerabilities, as well as the lack of traditional regulation. As a result, they get away with billions of dollars worth of assets per year.

We noticed there are a…

World’s first crypto hack mitigation tool for trusted and safe DeFi.

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