2021 Lossless Games: $10,000 of LSS in prizes — Round 1 Results

Dear Lossless Community,

Our Community Games round 1 has finished!

The challenge had been running from May 4 till May 28 and included educational, quest and creative activities — it had great resonance and was super fun!

Games included four different competitions and we are ready to announce the winners for each!

Content Contest

Warm congratulations! Each of the winners will receive $500 in $LSS token!


The winners are:

  • @cryptanaconda with 60XP
  • @DcVcD with 60XP
  • @kerokranegi with 50XP
  • @Dima90P with 50XP
  • @ToTheMn with 50XP

Quiz winners will receive a $200 reward in $LSS token each. Congrats!

Detect a Hack

Each winner earned $200 reward in $LSS token for it — here they are:

  • @undungundung
  • @idunets
  • @Echolon
  • @Yukineko

The real eagle-eyed security chiefs! Congratulations!


  • @ismathu
  • @abbastel87
  • @xiaoqinxie
  • @RYUBI62

As you might know, Lossless games was split into 2 ways, $5000 LSS pre-IDO and $5000 LSS post-IDO, and we had $200 unallocated for this first stage, so we decided to reward 2 additional winners from the Lottery challenge with $100 each, and they are:

  • @Hasana62
  • @huangshiy

Congratulations, guys!

To resume, the Games were so exciting! Far no worse than the Olympic ones, haha.

We thank all the participants for their activity, we love to see so many good crypto-fellows participating.

Take a note, each token valued at 0.077 USD with 20% unlocked at TGE and then released 20% quarterly, with the last unlock after 365 days. This vesting apply to all the rewards except the Lottery.

Stay tuned for our future updates and next activities — there will be more news and fun for sure, as our journey just begins!

What is Lossless?

Implemented into the token, the Lossless protocol allows to freeze and retrieve any fraudulent transaction based on a set of hack identification parameters.

Lossless aims to create a trusted and safe DeFi ecosystem with minimized losses from hacks, exploits or social engineering.

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